Sherry Wacker


Horsepowered Memories

Growing up in America, cars took us on our life's Journey. A family vacation, a first kiss, a coming of age story come to mind when you run your hands over the shining surface. Join me for a little trip through the recesses of your mind.

Horse Powered Memories are my mixed media works on car parts or on steel incorporating pieces from cars and other memorabilia from the generation that birthed it.

Horsepowered Memories

The Material 90's

An Eclipse shadows the scene as cultural icons and leaders of the day usher in the New World Order. Oil fields burn as President Bush presides over a brief Gulf War. Bling becomes a statement. A Loser wins a fan club. Nevermind. Bill wins despite an affair with Flowers. Consumerism and debt fuel the economy. The internet connects us in ways only imagined in futuristic novels. Google brings order to the cacophony. A clone is born.